Monday, September 27, 2010

Twitter Experiment

Well, I haven't posted here since I had the idea to start this blog last year. Sigh. But I have decided to expand my foray into social media by making my very own twitter account.

What is Twitter good for?

I have to admit, before yesterday, I had decided --- not very much --- without even a cursory glance at the product.

But, then I was watching a clip of Lawrence O'Donnell on Morning Joe on MSNBC talking about the difficulties of our educational system:

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And I thought, wow, someone saying what I have beeen thinking. How can let him know that I was impressed? Then, how can I build on this?

And so my twitter experiment was formed. My first tweet was to praise this clip. However, I quickly realized that 140 characters would never be enough for me to cogently express my ideas, so here I am, back resurrecting my blog.

Can I use twitter and my blog to make a difference on the issues that are important to me?

Follow me on twitter. Join in the conversation either on twitter or my blog and let's work together to figure out ways to make public schools a place of opportunity and learning for as many children as possible.

Stay tuned for my other pet projects --- Energy Independence, Food Independence, Health, Wellness and Quality of Life.

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